DIY Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

Gold Leaf Easter Eggs | Vicky B. TVHappy Easter my lovies! This tutorial is a little last minute but I wanted to get it up as I am so happy how these gold leaf Easter eggs turned out.

It was actually a sporadic idea as I originally bought an Easter egg colouring kit which came with foil however when I tried to put the foil on the egg, it looked nothing like I thought it would. I remembered I had some gold leaf sheets left over from another DIY project I did so I put that on the eggs instead and they turned out really pretty.


3 Dry Shampoo Alternatives That Actually Work

Dry Shampoo Alternatives | Vicky B. TV

All last week I decided to test out dry shampoo alternatives that you can find right in your household. I do love my Dove dry shampoo but I will be honest, sometimes I don’t feel like forking out $8 when I can use something I already have at home.

So if you have no dry shampoo or you just run out, no problem, below I am going to break down the pros and cons of each alternative I tested and let you know which one is my favourite.


Holika Holika Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB Cream Review

Holika Holika Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB Cream Review | Vicky B. TV

I’ve had an obsession with Korean skincare for quite some time now, Korean women are known for being pretty serious when it comes to their skin. Every few months I visit Holika Holika in downtown Toronto (a Korean cosmetic retailer) to pick up some goodies (their beauty masks are AMAZING).

This past weekend I picked up the Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB Cream and I have to say it’s the best BB cream I have ever used, in my life! The BB cream has UV protection, whitening and it’s anti-wrinkle (what woman doesn’t love that?). The coverage is remarkable as well, I found it had a bit more coverage than other BB creams I used which is perfect for me.


13 Favourite Red Carpet Looks From the 2015 Oscars

Favourite Red Carpet Looks from the 2015 Oscars

The biggest night in film finally arrived and the 2015 Oscars red carpet did not disappoint.

There were so many different looks this year, from long sleeve dresses to sexy slits and plunging necklines. Red, white and nude reigned supreme as the colours of the night.

I couldn’t pick just one favourite look, so I comprised a list of 13 (in my opinion) best dressed stars.


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