DIY Gold Personalized Pencils

Gold Personalized Pencils

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a new blog post but I am back with a vengeance. Those of you who read my blog regularly or read my About page know that I also a co-founder of a startup so it can get pretty hectic. It’s almost back-to-school time and even if you’re not going back-to-school, my newest DIY post can be used to glam up your desk at the office.

When I was younger, one of my favourite things about back-to-school was heading to the store to buy new school supplies (a girl could never have enough sparkly pens and pencils). I thought, how fun would it be to take boring HB 2 pencils and glam them up?! In addition, why not empower yourself with some encouraging messages to get you through the day.

These pencils are so easy to make and they’re super pretty, so grab your HB 2 pencils and some spray paint and let’s get painting!


DIY Olive Oil and Sea Salt Body Scrub For the Softest Skin, Ever!

Sea salt and olive oil body scrub

Salt scrubs are one of the easiest DIY treatments that you can make and they’re super effective. These past few weeks, I have been scrubbing my body with sea salt and olive oil and my skin has never felt softer. This recipe is so easy (only two ingredients) that I couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

In addition, find out how you can substitute shaving gel with olive oil for the smoothest legs ever!


How to Remove Spray Paint From Skin

How to Remove Spray Paint From Skin | Vicky B. TV

I’ve been on a huge spray painting kick lately and when I recently did my gold makeup brush holder tutorial (you check it out here), I didn’t have any gloves and got spray paint all over my hands.

Though the gold colour looked amazing on my nails (I need to find a gold nail polish that looks exactly like that), I had to figure out a way to remove the spray paint off of my hands without using harsh stripping agents.


5 Best Highlighters For Strobing

Best Highlighters For Strobing | Vicky B. TV

Goodbye contouring, hello strobing. Now, some of you may asking, “what is strobing?” Strobing is the new beauty trend that just focuses on highlighting your face. While contouring focuses on chiseling the face, strobing gives you that dewy, youthful glow.

Strobing is the perfect new beauty trend to achieve that summer glow. To get that perfect glow, you want to start off with hydrated skin and with an illuminated base like Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist or MAC Strobe Cream. Then with a cream or powder highlight, you want to illuminate the ares that natural light touches by applying your highlighter to your cheekbones, forehead, bridge of your nose, brow bone, the corner of your eyes, and cupid’s bow.

Now that you know how to achieve luminous skin, here are the best highlighters to achieve the strobing effect.


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