8 Must-Have Plaid Scarves For Fall

Must-Have Plaid Scarves For Fall

Have you been on the quest for the perfect plaid scarf? It’s all about layering this time of the year and one of my favourite trends is plaid scarves.

I came across a fabulous plaid scarf by coincidence at Forever 21 back in August (it was just laying randomly on a pile of clothes) and it has been a Fall must-have of mine ever since.

I scoured the web for some of the chicest plaid scarves, so get ready to warm up with these eight fabulous finds!


DIY: Flower Manicure Tutorial


Today’s tutorial is all about the nails! Over the summer, I purchased the Ciate Flower Manicure set and decided to finally try it out on my nails.

Since it’s all about Fall right now, I decided to use red nail polish as a base colour for the floral nail art.

I’ll show you step-by-step how to create your own floral manicure.


10 Favourite Halloween Makeup Looks

10 Favourite Halloween Makeup Looks

With Halloween just around the corner, I scoured the Internet from Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Instagram, and comprised a list of my 10 favourite Halloween makeup looks.

Some of the makeup creations are a bit advanced but they’re pretty phenomenal. The talent and creativity that went into these makeup looks is beyond amazing.

This Halloween, let your makeup speak for you. From a creepy doll, to a sexy feline, to a glamorous skull girl, these makeup looks will inspire.

Click through the gallery to check out my favourite Halloween makeup looks!


DIY: Mini Glitter Pumpkins

glittered mini pumpkin

Get ready to add some much-needed sparkle to your fall decor (no-carving needed). These mini glitter pumpkins look great as a centrepiece or even as place cards while you’re hosting dinner.

What I love about this project is that it’s easy to do (you can even do it with the kids) and it looks beautiful. I’ll show you all the steps how you can create your own gorgeous glittered pumpkins.


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