Britney Spears: New Femme Fatale Promo Images

Shot by photographer Randee St. Nicholas, new promo images have been released of Britney Spears for her upcoming album Femme Fatale.

Posing coyly, the “Till the World Ends” singer looks glamorous and sexy in these new shots!!

Photo Credit: Randee St. Nicholas

DIY: Self Tanner With Black Tea Bags

DIY Self Tanner With Black Tea Bags

We all know chamomile tea will lighten your hair, now you can fake your tan with black tea. This homemade self tanner is an easy recipe and it won’t harm your skin cell’s DNA.

First you will need 3/4 cups of water, 3 teabags (black tea), 1/4 cup of lanolin and 1/4 cup of sesame oil.

First boil the water and use it to steep the teabags until the color turns strong. Then put 1/4 cup of the tea in a blender with the lanolin and sesame oil. Blend everything at low speed and slowly input the rest of the tea while still blending. Once you are done, take a sponge and start applying it on your body. Wait for the tea to completely dry on your body before dressing as it will stain.

The DIY self tanner should last you 3-4 days.

Vicky B.


Kelly Brook: Expecting Baby Girl

31-year old actress/model Kelly Brook announced via her Twitter that she is expecting a baby girl!!

Brook has been dating her boyfriend Thom Evans since November of last year, they are delighted with the news and this will be the first child for both of them.

“Thom and I are happy to announce we are expecting a baby girl.We are delighted XXXX.”

Photo Credit: Broadimage/Rex Features

Kate Beckinsale: First Look at 'Underworld 4: New Dawn'

Here’s the first look at actress Kate Beckinsale dressed in full attire for her new movie ‘Underworld 4: New Dawn.’ The actress is currently shooting the newest installment of Underworld in Vancouver, Canada.

The movie is set to hit theaters January 2012.

Photo Credit:

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