Black Eyed Peas: "Just can't Get Enough" New Music Video

Known for their catchy pop tunes, Black Eyed Peas released a new music video for their second single “Just Can’t Get Enough from their sixth studio album The Beginning.

The video was shot in Tokyo, Japan before the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami that hit the city last week. The video is dedicated to the people of Japan.

Vanessa Hudgens: Kettleball Traning for 'Sucker Punch'

With her new movie ‘Sucker Punch‘ coming out March 25th, newly single Shape magazine cover girl Vanessa Hudgens sure knows how to get in shape. The actress trained for six months to get in shape for her new movie role in ‘Sucker Punch.’

To accomplish her toned hard rock body Hudgens trained with Logan Hood who created a fitness planned that involved heavy ropes, draggng tractor tires and kettlebells.

To see Vanessa’s full body workout step by step click here.

Equipment: Two 12- to 24-pound kettlebells or dumbbells (they should feel very heavy), a 12- to 24-inch plyo box or step, and a 6- to 10-pound medicine ball.

The full body workout should be one three times a week, do 1 set of each move in order without resting. Repeat once or twice.

If you are in Toronto, Canada and are interested in more information about training with kettlebells click here.

Photo Credit: Shape

Britney Spears: New Femme Fatale Promo Images

Shot by photographer Randee St. Nicholas, new promo images have been released of Britney Spears for her upcoming album Femme Fatale.

Posing coyly, the “Till the World Ends” singer looks glamorous and sexy in these new shots!!

Photo Credit: Randee St. Nicholas

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