Kim Kardashian: Take a Peek Inside Her Massive Closet! – VIDEO


Every wondered what the inside of Kim Kardashian‘s closet looked like?

The 32-year-old reality star gives pal Britty Gastineau and Eye on Glam a tour of her massive closet and shows off some of her luxurious items.

During the interview Kim showed off her Balmain dress that she wore to the Cannes Film Festival as well as her collection of Christian Louboutin shoes which she keeps in an entire separate walk-in closet just for her shoes and accessories.

The craziest thing inside her closet? A $90,000 pair of sneakers given to her by beau Kanye West.

Kim also admitted that Kanye dresses better than her saying, “People always say that he totally dresses me,” she said. “I wish he had time to, he has better style than me!”

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