Get the Look: Beyoncé’s Sexy Super Bowl Waves – Step-by-Step How-to!


Beyoncé’s jaw-dropping and phenomenal Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday (February 3) wouldn’t have been complete without a fierce mane.

The 31-year-old entertainer turned to hair guru Kim Kimble to help her achieve those sexy, glamorous curls and now you can create the exact same look with these easy steps.

First you will need: 1. Brazilian Nut & Acai Berry Serum ($12.99) 2. Natural Bamboo Grooming Brush by Kimble Hair Care ($21.96) 3. Curling Wand and 4. Elnett Holding Spray (L’Oreal, $14.99).

“To create Beyonce’s soft glam look, I began by creating a deep middle part in Beyonce’s hair,” Kimble told Us Weekly. “I then used the curling wand and began to curl her hair in a vertical pattern.”

“Once I completed curling her hair into the desired curl pattern, I gently brushed the curls out by using a natural bamboo grooming brush by Kimble Hair Care,” she explained. “This created a really nice finger-wave pattern.”

To smooth everything out, Kimble said she used Brazilian Nut and Acai Berry Serum by Kimble Hair Care, “This refined the curl pattern ensuring a seamless finish,” she said. “Lastly, I used Elnett Holding Spray by L’Oreal to set the look and the result will be glam, soft, bold and Beyonce.”

Will YOU be re-creating Bey’s glamorous curls?

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